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Welcome... SABIDAC IT Solutions is an Information Technology Company with a vision or innovating the whole world starting with her environment by taking it one company at a time. She specializes in various Information Technological procedures to meet her clients needs and more, to meet the advanced technological level of this generation which is growing rapidly.

SABIDAC IT Solutions specializes in various Information Technological innovative ways, which include, website designing, android application design, graphics design, logo development, company official document design, to mention a few. We also render IT consultation for companies and installations of hardware/electronics.

SABIDAC IT Solutions has executed various projects covering all Information Technological specifications to telecomunications to hardware installations and delivery, etc. and all projects are still functional and in good shape till date with the aid of our 100% maintenance system arrangement. We believe the efficiency and effectiveness of the system is both advantageous to us and our clients, because we take pride in our projects mostly because of our aim which is the development of Nigerian Information Technological sector.

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Management System

Sabidac IT Solutions being a software specific company, we develop customized management system to suit our clients. Our management system is client customized i.e the model of the system is describe by the client to fit their specific business. It can also me a real time management system (online management system): in which every activity carried out in the company is seen from any distace in the world.

Website Designing

We also render the development of company websites, personal websites, portfolio websites, e-commerce websites, etc. which are also well optimised and attractive to help improve the standard of our clients products and also to increase awareness for their product. It also ensures easy accessibility to our clients products from their end users, at a very cost effective cost.

Android Application

We also develop android applications for our clients, with the functionality to be client based. Out Android applications are always well optimised, synchronized, cost effective, well structured, attractive, easy to use, low data consumption (for the online Android applications), well compressed for easy downloads, easy availability, etc.


We also render graphical services for our clients. Our graphical designs are always world class designs which always pops out all our clients products no matter what it may be. Our graphical services ranges from designs of logo, letter head, company posters, promo posters, splash screens, etc. And always cost effective.

Computer Training

We also render numerous computer courses for training. With our high standard practical and theoretical teachers, we stand to be different from all other training schools, as our teachers are all professionals in their specific fields and well tested lectures of their art. Our trainings are mainly practical which allows our clients to learn as much as possible with the adequate durations given.


We also take absolute pride in our work, that is why we also render a well structured maintenance for each of our clients to make certian all our softwares are adequately updated at regular intervals for optimization purposes. In addition, upgrades for our softwares are always available(just in case the clients wants to integrate additional functionalities to the software). So our software upgrades as your company upgrades.

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